Videointerviews 2019-12-26T21:52:14+01:00

I december 2019 blev jeg interviewet af Pia Høyer fra PowerFlower Universet omkring mit præstindearbejde og de 12 hellige nætter før og efter jul.

Thirajane Aurora er blevet interviewet omkring mod af Marit Lehmann på engelsk. Fra 2019 julekalenderen af The Creative Space.

Teksten til videoen fra julekalenderen ser du herunder:

In this Christmas calendar you will receive a new interview every day with a courageous woman who dare to follow her passion and who uplifts the world through her work.

Let them inspire you so that you can take action on your dream in 2020!

Today you will meet Thirajane Aurora who is a modern priestess, storyteller and intuitive.

Thirajane talks about how she cannot allow herself not to give her message out to the world. The inner calling speaks louder than the part of her that is afraid of speaking her truth. This gives her courage to continue her work.